Divorce 'Selfies' Reflect Changing Social Attitudes

Over the decades, the stigma associated with openly discussing a divorce has distinctly faded. It was also fairly inevitable that folks would start to memorialize their divorces on their social media pages -- which many people use as a way of both recording important events and seeking emotional support from friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

But who would have predicted that the divorce "selfie," not just acknowledging the event but celebrating it, would suddenly become a trend?

Despite their somewhat surprising nature, divorce selfies have hit social media in a wave that's rapidly spreading -- and creating a sea change in the way that many people approach the subject of post-divorce relationships with an ex-spouse.

Specifically, it's starting to become much more normal to retain an amicable relationship with an ex-spouse -- which is something that could have tremendous long-term benefits for both the divorcing partners and their families, especially if the couples have children between them.

Many of the selfies show the couples smiling together as they share a drink or a meal following the legal end to their marriage. A lot of the photos have commentary attached talking about how they are consciously choosing the path they are on, often recognizing that they were simply better at being friends than they were at being married. For those who were married a long time, there's often an acceptance that they've simply grown apart over the years. Some of the selfies acknowledge a secret that many divorced couples have been reluctant to admit in the past: they still love each other -- they just aren't good as a married couple.

Whatever the reason for the trend, an amicable post-divorce relationship is a great news for the children who may be caught up in the marital changes -- whether they are still minors or grown adults. A civil relationship between divorced parents makes it easier to discuss parenting issues, present a united front when it comes to matters of discipline and provide children with a stable post-divorce home life. Adult children don't have to walk an emotional tightrope trying to avoid choosing a side or arrange social events so that their divorced parents don't cross paths.

While not all social media trends are positive, this is one that seems to encourage a very adult, very positive approach to divorce. For more information on divorce, talk to an attorney today.

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