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Child custody and visitation orders are determined based on circumstances as they stand when the parents' marriage is dissolved. The goal is to establish a parenting schedule that is in the best interests of the child while giving both parents an appropriate level of parental access. 

However, circumstances can and do change over time, and if those changes are substantial, there may be grounds to modify a child custody order. One of the more common situations that may result in child custody modification is when one parent seeks to relocate—often called a "move-away."

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When Can Child Support Be Modified in California?

When a parent loses a job or receives an increase in income, a modification of child support may be sought in accordance with the California Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines take into account the gross incomes of both parents, along with other information, to determine the right amount of child support to be paid. However, there are many instances in which one parent fails to comply with the terms of a child support order. In these cases, there are numerous tools available to ensure payment or collection. 

We encourage you to seek counsel from the San Fernando Valley modification lawyers of Joel S. Seidel & Associates if you have concerns about any of these matters.

Can Spousal Support Be Modified?

A California spousal support order is considered final at the time of the dissolution of the marriage. However, California law allows for adjustments in spousal support when, over time, there are substantial changes with regard to the factors used to determine the support payments. Most of the time, these modifications are based on changes in income, either for the paying party or the receiving party.

If there have been any substantial changes in the circumstances related to your divorce, such that your spousal support arrangements may no longer be appropriate, then a modification may be in order.

What if a Parent Doesn't Follow a Custody Order?

Custody orders issued by the court are legally binding documents that must be followed by both parties. In the event that circumstances have changed, you will need to go through the proper legal changes to modify your agreement. If either the custodial or non-custodial parent is not following the guidelines mandated by the court, then enforcement of the custody order may be necessary. 

Violating the terms of a custody agreement could result in a contempt of court being filed. This could lead to the parent facing possibly penalties. If you need assistance filing for a modification or enforcing an order, don’t hesitate to contact our family law firm.

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The San Fernando Valley family modification attorneys of Joel S. Seidel & Associates have handled many cases involving the modification of child custody orders, and we have the knowledge, experience, and compassion to handle the most complex of modification situations, including interstate and international move-aways.

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