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Why would you choose an annulment over a divorce? There are many reasons and some of those can include lower financial costs, a shorter process, and even a personal or religious preference. In any case, it is best to increase your odds of success and pursue an annulment with the representation of a competent San Fernando Valley family law attorney.

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What is an Annulment?

An annulment is a process where the court deems that your marriage was never valid. Under state law in California, it is as if the marriage never even occurred. In the state of California, an annulment may be valid for a number of reasons.

Eligibility Criteria for Annulment in California

  • If either spouse was of unsound mind when the marriage occurred
  • If one of the parties consented to marriage out of force
  • If one of the individuals is already married or in a domestic partnership
  • If the individual filing was younger than 18 years old at the time of the marriage
  • If the marriage was entered into as a result of fraud
  • If a spouse was unable to consummate the marriage due to physical incapacity that seems to be incurable

How Long After Marriage Can You Get an Annulment?

While the laws vary by state, in California the length an individual has to file depends on the grounds behind the annulment. For example, in situations where one party was forced into the marriage, or the spouse was not of sound mind, or there was physical incapacity, you have four years from the date of marriage to file for an annulment. In marriages that involve fraud, a spouse has four years to file upon uncovering the fraud. If you’re uncertain of how long you have to file based on your circumstances, it’s best to consult with a qualified attorney to gain the information you need.

Can You Get an Annulment Without the Other Person's Consent in California?

In California, it is possible to obtain an annulment without the other person's participation or consent. However, specific requirements must be met to qualify for an annulment, and the process can vary depending on the circumstances of the marriage.

To obtain an annulment in California, you must prove that your marriage is legally void or voidable. 

You may file for marriage annulment without the other party's consent if at least one of these circumstances are present:

  1. One party was underage at the time of marriage
  2. There was a prior existing marriage
  3. One party was of unsound mind
  4. Fraud or misrepresentation was involved
  5. There was force or coercion

While it is not necessary for both parties to consent to the annulment, you will still need to follow the legal procedures and provide evidence to support your case. This may involve filing the necessary paperwork, providing documentation, and presenting your arguments before a judge.

It is strongly recommended to consult with a San Fernando Valley annulment attorney to navigate the legal process effectively. An annulment lawyer from Joel S. Seidel & Associates can help guide you through the steps required to obtain an annulment without the other person's participation.

Benefits of Choosing Annulment Over Divorce

Choosing to pursue an annulment rather than a divorce can offer unique benefits for individuals seeking to dissolve their marriage. An annulment declares that the marriage was never valid, as opposed to a divorce which acknowledges the marriage as valid and then dissolves it. Some potential benefits of choosing annulment over divorce include:

  • Avoiding the stigma of divorce
  • Potentially simpler and quicker process
  • Potential financial benefits in terms of property division and spousal support

Our experienced San Fernando Valley annulment attorneys can provide personalized guidance on whether an annulment is the right choice for your unique situation. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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Since there is a statute of limitations on annulments, it is crucial not to delay your consultation with a legal professional about your case. At Joel S. Seidel & Associates, we have more than two decades of experience representing clients in all aspects of divorce and family law. If you are considering filing for an annulment in the San Fernando Valley, we can review your case to determine if you have valid grounds to file. From there, we work with you during each step of the process.

An annulment can be a great option compared to divorce, as it may reduce the time and money you spend. Having an attorney can accelerate this process and improve the overall results of your case. Our San Fernando Valley family law attorneys keep you well informed and use our legal knowledge to steer your case in the best direction.

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