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Divorce and mortgages: Practical solutions
Divorce and mortgages: Practical solutions

You can't divorce your mortgage when you divorce your spouse -- although you might wish it were that simple. A house is, for many people, the single biggest asset they have -- but if you're young and just starting out, you may have more debt than you do equity in your house. ...

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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Could Your Old-Style Parenting Put Your Visitation at Risk?

    California can be somewhat restrictive when it comes to awarding grandparents the right to visitations with their grandchildren -- parents have a lot ...

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  • Understanding Community Property vs. Separate Property

    f you are concerned about the property you could potentially lose in your divorce, you are not alone. California is a community property state, and ...

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  • Don't Let Yourself Get Mixed up in a Divorce Muddle-Up

    A former Hollywood favorite -- Ben Vereen, one of the stars of the iconic miniseries "Roots" -- has found himself in the middle of a divorce mix-up. ...

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  • Good Reasons for a Custody Order Modification

    Existing child custody orders sometimes quit working out for one reason or another. When that happens, it's time to head back to the drawing board ...

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  • High-Profile Hollywood Couples Know How to Keep Divorces Quiet

    Ben Stiller and his wife are the latest Hollywood couple to split. Like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie before them, the drama with their divorce was ...

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  • Appeals Take a Special Type of Skills, Even Among Attorneys

    Many people don't understand what actually happens during an appeal. First, appeals are not new trials. That means: -- The evidence presented at your ...

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  • Preparing Kids for the Future by Helping Them Deal with Divorce

    If you are considering divorce, numerous factors can influence the decision. Perhaps you and your spouse have reached a point where moving in ...

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  • Divorce 'Selfies' Reflect Changing Social Attitudes

    Over the decades, the stigma associated with openly discussing a divorce has distinctly faded. It was also fairly inevitable that folks would start to ...

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  • Battling the Bully: Dealing with a Bullying Spouse

    Bullies exist in all areas of human interaction -- including marriage. Men and women alike can find themselves married to a bully who undermines their ...

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