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Appeals Take a Special Type of Skills, Even Among Attorneys
Appeals Take a Special Type of Skills, Even Among Attorneys

Many people don't understand what actually happens during an appeal. First, appeals are not new trials. That means: -- The evidence presented at your original hearing isn't going to be reheard unless it is relevant to your appeal. -- You generally cannot admit evidence into ...

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Blog posts in Family Law Appeals

  • When Should You Hire an Appellate Attorney?

    Trials and appeals work very differently, which means that trial attorneys and appellate attorneys have very different skills that they bring with ...

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  • Genius Isn't a Factor When It Comes to Dividing up Marital Assets

    A former financial executive felt that he should get more than the usual 50/50 split of the marital assets because his self-described "genius" was a ...

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  • Do you have options other than filing an appeal in family court?

    Generally speaking, when both parties in a family court decision walk away feeling like they've given up a lot, the judgment has probably been as fair ...

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  • Supreme Court lets ruling on Choctaw adoption stand

    The Supreme Court of the United States has declined to hear a California couple's appeal on the adoption of their former foster daughter, by ...

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  • Hire an attorney with experience for family law appeals

    Sometimes you just can't accept the judge's verdict in your family law case as final without a fight—there may be too much at stake, especially if it ...

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  • Handle imputations of income appeals with care

    California child support laws make both parents equally responsible for the financial well-being of their children--which means each parent's income ...

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  • Displeased with a Family Law Ruling? Here Is What You Need to Know about Family Law Appeals.

    Courts are asked to intervene in family law matters when disputes cannot be resolved in any other way. And while court orders must be respected and ...

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