Divorcing after 50? This site's for you

It sometimes seems as if the entire world is online. It's not literally true, of course, but it can seem that way when you're looking for information on a specific topic. Because our blog is focused on divorce in Los Angeles, we can be a resource for other useful family law-related sites.

A popular site for divorcing women, and for women who have divorced, is betterafter50.com. It helps readers sort through complicated issues in divorces that arrive later in life.

The site features sections on relationships, fashion, entertainment, gifts, food and fitness for mind and body. Perhaps its greatest asset is the blog posts by contributors, described in the site's slogan: "Real women. Real stories."

Recent posts span a variety of divorce-related topics, including:

  • What I learned from two divorces: the tale of a woman who leaves her first marriage because of her husband's infidelity and a second marriage because of her husband's abuse.
  • How do you get closure when you're the only one who wants it? This post is from a California woman who shares her story of divorce, therapy and then surprisingly, remarriage.
  • 7 steps to building genuine self-worth: taking it a day at a time with a woman rebuilding her life, her career and her relationship with her two children after a "terrible, horrible divorce."
  • Brangelina: Why we rejoice in other people's divorces. A look at schadenfreude and more.

There's much more to read and enjoy on the site. Some of it might well apply to your situation, whether you are heading toward a divorce, going through one or have a divorce in your rearview mirror.

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