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You might need help to petition for child custody modifications

Negotiating child custody and establishing parenting plans in a divorce are emotional processes. Although the statutes that govern child custody are complicated, a California court will always make decisions that are in the best interests of a child. While parents in an amicable divorce are free to negotiate child custody arrangements and draft parenting plans, circumstances may change, and you may find that the existing child custody arrangements are no longer in your child's best interests.

Supreme Court lets ruling on Choctaw adoption stand

The Supreme Court of the United States has declined to hear a California couple's appeal on the adoption of their former foster daughter, by biological relatives in the Choctaw nation. The adoption by the child's extended Choctaw family, which came about after it became clear that she would not be reunited with her father, a tribal member, has drawn national media attention. The girl had been in foster care with the non-American Indian family for four years, and they wished to adopt her.

Hire an attorney with experience for family law appeals

Sometimes you just can't accept the judge's verdict in your family law case as final without a fight—there may be too much at stake, especially if it involves your children or long-term financial consequences. Appealing it is the only thing that makes sense.

Don't forget about your investments when you divorce

A divorce can be chaotic and tumultuous, and you have probably already experienced some of the frustrations that accompany the separation of your combined lives. You and your spouse may have clashed over certain treasured items, the family home or the retirement account.

Tracking down your share of marital assets

To many, it seems as if divorce is all about the money. If you are in the middle of dividing the house, the cars, the retirement accounts and the investments, you probably agree. While reducing your marriage to the value of your assets may seem cold, you also know that the results of your settlement may determine your financial health for years into the future. This is why you may be concerned that your spouse is hiding assets from you.

A private judge can help keep family issues out of the public eye

Celebrity divorces have all of the same issues that any other divorce is likely to have, but they also often include special complications like high-value assets that have to be divided and intense media scrutiny and speculation every step of the way.

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