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Mediating a divorce: Is this really a viable option?

When going through divorce in California, your first inclination may be to brace yourself for a long battle with your soon-to-be ex. After all, litigation in a courtroom is naturally adversarial. However, not every divorce has to be acrimonious.

With mediation, you and your spouse can actually work together to arrive at an agreement outside of court. This alternative to litigation can be helpful for addressing matters ranging from child custody to the division of assets. Mediating a divorce offers a wide range of benefits.

Could a quitclaim deed help you divide your property in divorce?

A quitclaim deed is a fairly simple document that allows someone with a legal interest in a piece of property to simply sign it over to someone else without selling it to them. It doesn't offer any guarantee, like a traditional deed that's gone through a title company, that the property is without liens or other issues.

They're often used in divorces when one spouse wants to surrender the house or condo (and the associated upkeep and bills) to the other.

Four signs on the road to divorce

Most people don't wake up one day and suddenly decide to get divorced. Sometimes an event -- like an admission of adultery -- prompts one spouse or the other to file for divorce, but most of the time a marriage just gradually disintegrates.

Absent a triggering event, how do you know that your marriage is really over and not just in a slump?

Actor discusses the aftermath of child abuse allegations

Family matters can be very complicated, even for the rich and famous. Actor Brad Pitt recently opened up on how his own life and his family life was affected by an anonymous tip to the Federal Bureau of Investigation alleging he'd been physically abusive to his son.

In the wake of the allegations, the actor and his wife, actress Angelina Jolie, filed for divorce -- shattering the image that many people had of their marriage.

Don't take a vacation from parental rights when you travel

When you decided to sever your marital ties in a California courtroom, you probably spent much time thinking ahead to the future, considering how your decisions would impact your children and family life. Many parents divorce, but each family's circumstances are different; therefore, a parenting plan that works for one divorcing couple may be a recipe for disaster in another situation.

Just about everything concerning daily life changes after divorce. Something many parents fail to consider is how parenting plan agreements may affect summer vacation plans. Generally speaking, after divorce, the days will be gone when you can spontaneously pick up and go wherever you like whenever you choose to do so with your children.

4 tips for making a practical parenting plan

If you have children, sometime during your divorce, you'll be faced with the task of developing a custody and visitation agreement -- which is also known as a parenting plan.

This document is what will end up controlling who sees the kids how often, when, where and what length of time. It also allocates decision-making abilities -- determining what rights each parent has to decide issues surrounding a child's schooling, medical care or basic well-being without first getting the other parent's consent.

When your marriage ends, protect your financial well-being

The end of a marriage is generally a stressful and challenging period during which many changes become inevitable. While the emotional difficulties you are likely experiencing may pass in time, your divorce could have a lifelong impact on your future finances, which could prove to be especially daunting.

Perhaps you and your spouse were both contributors to paying monthly expenses, and you may be preparing to transition from a two-person income to life on your own. You undoubtedly wish to avoid financial complications following your divorce, but you may be unsure of how to proceed toward the best possible outcome for your future financial interests.

Expect changes in visitation requests by children as they age

It's easy to set up a visitation schedule for a baby or a toddler. Young children, especially, when parents divorce early, can accept the switch in households as just part of the routine.

It's when the kids get a little bit older that things can start to get difficult.

Genius isn't a factor when it comes to dividing up marital assets

A former financial executive felt that he should get more than the usual 50/50 split of the marital assets because his self-described "genius" was a special contributing factor that helped the couple accrue their wealth.

The appeals court didn't agree.

Protect your future by drafting a prenuptial agreement

Planning a wedding is an exciting process, but it is also important for a California couple to think about their future beyond that day. One simple way to protect one's future interests and have security in case of a contingency is by drafting a prenuptial agreement. Many couples decline to consider this option because they believe that taking this step is like planning on the marriage to fail.

A prenuptial agreement may not seem very romantic at the time, but the process of drafting an agreement can actually be a positive, productive step for any couple. This effort can encourage important conversations about finances, which can be beneficial for any couple about to marry.

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