These testimonials and endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Joel and his team are an incredible force both in and out of the court. His calm, friendly and reassuring demeanor did much to alleviate our anxieties in areas we knew nothing about. No question or concern was ever too small. In the courtroom he was amazing to watch. He is professional, skillful and knowledgeable of the law. His cool confidence, knowledge, and skills in the court room have earned him respect from colleagues, judges as well as court staff. He is a powerhouse who is not intimidated by opposing counsel nor judges. He can articulately explain the law to opposing counsel or judges in that cool, professional, polite demeanor while defending his case leaving everyone's self-esteem intact. He is never condescending, belittling or unrealistic. The compassion, drive and legalese of Joel and his team gave us tremendous peace of mind in a very tumultuous time.

Mr. Seidel assisted me in my divorce case. After receiving horrible advice from a different attorney, Mr. Seidel explained the law clearly to me as well as the factual problems that I faced in litigation. I did my own independent research and confirmed Mr. Seidel's advice. As a result, and Mr. Seidel's efforts in resolving my case, my wife and I were able to come to a fair settlement that resulted in not only my receiving what I was entitled to long before the litigation would have ended, but I saved thousands of dollars in legal fees. In addition, because we were able to reach an equitable settlement, my wife and I have remained on cordial terms which benefits our two daughters.

Joel was great in court. He strategically knew that the other side had failed to meet their burden of proof on a key issue (about which they would have lied) and kept the hearing and Judge focused on their failure to present evidence on this key factual issue. Because of this, we prevailed. While Joel argued for one-half of the time as the opposing counsel, we blew the other side away.

I came to Joel Seidel after unfortunately incurring huge fees under the guidance of previous counsel. Seemingly, there was no end in sight for my case. Joel quickly recognized the legal basis for my separate property claims, provided direction so that I could prove those claims, and presented them to other side in a convincing way. He simplified my case. My case also involved custody issues. Joel was honest and realistic about the prospects and helped assess the risks involved so that a mutually beneficial settlement was reached. He was both realistic and practical and provided guidance on what was best for everyone involved. Joel's style is to-the-point and I found that he looked out for my best interest at every step and minimized the damage that the case was taking. Through his honesty, realism, knowledge, and practicality, Joel gave me a chance to move on with my life, as my case was heading in a direction that would have been devastating. And as an added plus, he and his team are very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend his office.

Recently, Mr. Seidel represented me in a difficult custody matter that resulted in a trial. His representation was excellent. He was well prepared, anticipated the information that the Judge actually wanted to hear, and anticipated the legal arguments that the Judge wanted addressed. Calmly, without denigrating my spouse, we prevailed. While I wanted to get the custody result that we got, I did not want to harm my ex-spouse with whom I still have to co-parent for many years. Mr. Seidel's courtroom demeanor was professional and effective.

Mr. Seidel was the first lawyer to actually help me. While I have been represented by other lawyers previously, and they had charged me a lot for their time, at the end of the day I was worse off. Mr. Seidel, on the other hand, prevailed for me where the other attorneys had failed.

When Mr. Seidel took over my case, it was in a state of chaos. His calm, steady representation turned the case around. Initially, Mr. Seidel sought to settle the case on fair terms. Unfortunately, my ex, and her attorneys, refused all settlement overtures, insisting that I owed my ex hundreds of thousands of dollars. After five days of trial, we prevailed on every issue, doing even better than our settlement offers. I wish that we did not have to incur the emotional and financial toll of a trial. Fortunately, I was well represented at trial.

Seidel handled all aspects of my divorce case from discovery and custody disputes, the enforcement of orders, as well as a lengthy appellate court process after the other side lost after a lengthy trial. Mr. Seidel was professional, prepared and a tremendous advocate throughout the entire process. We prevailed at trial and on appeal.

Joel has been my ONLY lawyer for the last 6 painful years of my dissolution and divorce and brutal custody battle. Joel has not only been a great lawyer but also a trusted friend and advisor. He always sought to settle the myriad of issues that arose in the course of the divorce in a peaceful way. It was only that all other options were fully exhausted did he opt for the path of litigation. During the vicious custody battle – he stood with me as we eventually won full custody. And when the opposing side took the matter to the court of appeals, Joel handled that with equal skill and fortitude and we were victorious in the Appellate decision. In a nutshell, Joel has been a skillful, kind, honest, affordable and persistent counsel at every step of the way. I don't see how I could have handled this sad situation and arrived to where I am today without Joel as my attorney. I would recommend Joel (and have done so many times) to anyone facing the challenge of divorce and custody.

— Shimon Lesserson

These testimonials and endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.