What Is Your Situation?

Your Case Has Just Begun

The first steps in a family law matter can be crucial, from deciding where to file, whether to seek a restraining order, or preparing for the case by gathering financial information that may be harder or impossible to obtain later. Prior to the case commencing, our family law attorneys can assist you in preparing the case for litigation or preparing the case in such a way that we do not have to make compromises later. We can also help you prepare your case so that it resolves without conflict and with little cost and emotional turmoil.

In each situation, our lawyers work as a team to develop a customized strategy to meet our client's specific objectives.

Your Case Is Ongoing

A significant portion of our work involves taking over cases that have already begun. We will only enter into an ongoing case if we believe that we can make a difference and improve a client's position.

You may need counsel for the first time, or you may need new counsel once your case has begun. Rest assured that any analysis obtained from us for an ongoing case will be truthful and candid. In many circumstances, potential clients have come to us for a fresh look at a case, and we have encouraged the client to remain with their present attorney.

A Hearing Has Already Occurred

While never ideal, we often get cases after a disaster has occurred in court, and the best that we can do is repair what has already been broken. We can analyze what has gone wrong with your case and recommend and effectuate steps to set things right.

It is far easier, however, to avoid the crash than repair the damage. While we would rather avoid a client making mistakes and suffering a negative result, we have significant experience in turning cases around.

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