Los Angeles Lawyers Handling Family Law Appeals

Handling family law appeals is a significant part of our legal practice at Joel S. Seidel & Associates.

We welcome the opportunity to handle family law appeals, and we have extensive experience in this complex area of law and procedure. Not every family law attorney takes on appellate work, but we believe that appellate work makes us better trial lawyers.

Why Having An Experienced Appellate Lawyer Is So Important

Family law appeals are very different than trial work. For example, an appeal does not involve simply rehashing points made at the trial level, and appellate briefs receive more judicial scrutiny than trial level briefs because as many as three to seven judges — not just one — will read the brief.

In short, the appeals process is a highly challenging and rewarding part of our practice.

If you have experienced a courtroom disaster and believe that an appeal is warranted, it is imperative that you have an experienced attorney analyze whether an appeal is actually the best approach and to ensure that you have followed the correct appellate procedures. If you have to defend a court's ruling, similar care must be followed.

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