Los Angeles Family Law Attorneys Handling Paternity Issues

Questions of paternity may arise when a child is born to unmarried parents, and to protect the child's best interests, it may become necessary to seek legal help in establishing paternity.

Because establishment of paternity under California law directly affects many other obligations with respect to the child, it is important that a paternity case be handled by a lawyer with experience in this growing area of litigation.

The Los Angeles family law attorneys of Joel S. Seidel & Associates handle all aspects of paternity cases, and we encourage you to contact our offices in Century City or Northridge if you have any questions about child custody issues and the legal rights and obligations of fathers.

Legally Establishing Paternity

Either the mother or the father of a child may file a petition to establish a parental relationship. Once paternity is established, the court can make decisions on the issues of child custody and visitation, as well as child support.

Though paternity may sometimes be established voluntarily, these matters can become quite complicated if a man denies paternity, or if there is a dispute between the child's biological father and another individual — usually the mother's current husband — who has taken the child into his home and raised that child as his own.

We are able to help both mothers and fathers resolve paternity issues, including the related matters of child custody and support.

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