About Our Firm

At Joel S. Seidel & Associates, we believe that family law is among the most important legal disciplines, and we have proudly devoted ourselves to its study and practice — and to helping our clients achieve their best results.

Our founding attorney Joel S. Seidel is a Certified Family Law Specialist with more than 20 years of legal experience. Having been trained by top law firms, attorneys Tasneem Campwala and Kristine Bowman have spent the majority of their careers practicing family law exclusively. Follow the links below to learn more about our team of lawyers.

Our Philosophy

Family law, when practiced well, requires an in-depth understanding of civil procedure, trial procedure, evidence, appellate law, collections law, discovery and numerous other practice areas. Because these matters can potentially have profound consequences for the parties involved, it is crucial that you have the assistance of dedicated and sophisticated counsel in resolving the legal issues affecting your family.

Family law is an ever-changing body of law, and is among the most challenging and complex legal practice areas, involving negotiation, litigation, strategic thinking, the weighing of good and bad options, decision-making from a global perspective, and compassionate consideration of consequences for children. This all exists within an emotionally charged atmosphere that must be navigated with care and precision.

At Joel S. Seidel & Associates, we believe that family law, when practiced well — and practiced with an eye toward providing service and value — is an honorable endeavor. We pride ourselves on being experienced and dedicated family law attorneys, as we work to provide legal solutions for each client's specific situation.

We understand this is a difficult time for you, and we want to help you move forward to a brighter future.

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