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Across the Great Divide: Splitting marital assets in California

In a movie from many years back, a character said, "There's what's right and there's what's right, and never the twain shall meet." It's a cryptic comment, but you could interpret it to mean that two people can both be certain each one is right about something, and yet never agree on the issue. 

Could a quitclaim deed help you divide your property in divorce?

A quitclaim deed is a fairly simple document that allows someone with a legal interest in a piece of property to simply sign it over to someone else without selling it to them. It doesn't offer any guarantee, like a traditional deed that's gone through a title company, that the property is without liens or other issues.

When your marriage ends, protect your financial well-being

The end of a marriage is generally a stressful and challenging period during which many changes become inevitable. While the emotional difficulties you are likely experiencing may pass in time, your divorce could have a lifelong impact on your future finances, which could prove to be especially daunting.

Tracking down your share of marital assets

To many, it seems as if divorce is all about the money. If you are in the middle of dividing the house, the cars, the retirement accounts and the investments, you probably agree. While reducing your marriage to the value of your assets may seem cold, you also know that the results of your settlement may determine your financial health for years into the future. This is why you may be concerned that your spouse is hiding assets from you.

Billionaire Bill Gross' wife asks for a divorce

Bill Gross, a co-founder of Pacific Investment Management Co., has been married for the last 31 years. In that time, he's become a billionaire, and he and his wife have worked with a charity to give away around $800 million. Now, though, his wife has decided to ask for a divorce.

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