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3 reasons your prenuptial agreement might be invalid

Prenuptial agreements, which are contracts signed before a couple ties the knot, have long been used by couples who have high-value assets or "family money" to protect what they have coming into the marriage. They're also typically used to protect the spouse with deeper pockets from losing a significant portion of his or her wealth in a divorce.

Should you mediate instead of litigate your divorce?

The end of a marriage is a complicated time, financially and emotionally. No matter how amicable two parties may be, divorce is hard, which is why many California couples choose to alleviate as much difficulty as possible from this process. One of the most common ways to navigate this transition is by choosing to mediate the divorce instead of opting for litigation.

Don't forget about your investments when you divorce

A divorce can be chaotic and tumultuous, and you have probably already experienced some of the frustrations that accompany the separation of your combined lives. You and your spouse may have clashed over certain treasured items, the family home or the retirement account.

A private judge can help keep family issues out of the public eye

Celebrity divorces have all of the same issues that any other divorce is likely to have, but they also often include special complications like high-value assets that have to be divided and intense media scrutiny and speculation every step of the way.

Can you get spousal support during your case?

You're getting divorced, and you haven't been in the workforce for years. You were expecting your spouse to take care of you, and perhaps you even quit your job to get married. Now that you're splitting up, you're going to ask for spousal support so that you can keep paying the bills after the divorce.

Tips for Surviving the Holidays as a Single Parent

The holidays can be time of much joy. There's an opportunity to be with family and good friends, and often there are rituals of going to the same places and seeing the same people at the same time. There's comfort in that, and also a sense of marking time as the kids grow older.

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