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Could your old-style parenting put your visitation at risk?

California can be somewhat restrictive when it comes to awarding grandparents the right to visitations with their grandchildren -- parents have a lot of control over the issue and the court examines the relationship carefully to see if visitation is really in the best interests of the children involved.

How does joint custody work?

Creating a parenting plan is a crucial step for parents going through divorce or separating. In general, parents can agree on custody arrangements outside of court, or if agreement cannot be reached, the parents can ask the court to rule on these matters. Whatever your situation may be, it is important to be aware of your custody options.

Good reasons for a custody order modification

Existing child custody orders sometimes quit working out for one reason or another. When that happens, it's time to head back to the drawing board with your child's other parent to see if you can work out a new agreement. If you can't, then you may have to head to court to ask the judge for a modification of the previous order.

Preparing kids for the future by helping them deal with divorce

If you are considering divorce, numerous factors can influence the decision. Perhaps you and your spouse have reached a point where moving in different directions seems to be the best option. The process can be stressful and daunting, especially if kids are involved.

Actor discusses the aftermath of child abuse allegations

Family matters can be very complicated, even for the rich and famous. Actor Brad Pitt recently opened up on how his own life and his family life was affected by an anonymous tip to the Federal Bureau of Investigation alleging he'd been physically abusive to his son.

Don't take a vacation from parental rights when you travel

When you decided to sever your marital ties in a California courtroom, you probably spent much time thinking ahead to the future, considering how your decisions would impact your children and family life. Many parents divorce, but each family's circumstances are different; therefore, a parenting plan that works for one divorcing couple may be a recipe for disaster in another situation.

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