California Family Law And Domestic Partnerships

While unmarried couples are typically not afforded the same benefits and community property rights as married couples, California family law does provide certain protections for unmarried couples.

Using paternity and child support laws, the attorneys of Joel S. Seidel & Associates often help unmarried parents protect their children's best interests by establishing paternity.

Our founding attorney Joel S. Seidel is a Certified Family Law Specialist with more than 20 years of legal experience.

Unmarried Parents And Child Support

Parents, regardless of their marital status, have an obligation to support their children. Likewise, a parent has a right to access to his or her child along the same lines as persons who are married.

If you are not married to the other parent of your child, and if you are not receiving the support your child needs, we can explain your options for obtaining that support.

Every family situation is different, but the determination of child support is nonetheless a very regulated area of law. The courts must use a mathematical formula to calculate child support.

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